Custom Mat Cutting

Glass Replacement

Custom Mat Cutting


Not only does matting create an appealing transition between image and frame, it serves the purpose of seperating the art from the glass.


We have a great selection of mat board from Peterboro Matboards. Since 1902, this Canadian company has been producing high-quality boards for art and framing. We have every colour under the rainbow including a good variety of gold, silver and other unique textured mats.


We can do onsite custom cutting of mat board to any size frame with custom size window openings. Multiple window openings are an option as well. Computerized mat cutting services are available for intricate designs and precision projects.


Double-mat, conservation mats, 8-Ply, oversize, suede, linen, reverse-cut, volume orders —we can fulfil all your matting needs.



Size Single Mat Double Mat Premium Mat
8 x 10 20.00 30.50 30.50
11 x 14 23.50 34.50 34.50
16 x 20 30.50 43.00 43.00
18 x 24 35.50 49.00 49.00
24 x 36 53.00 69.50 69.50
32 x 40 69.00 88.50 88.50

** Prices include one window opening. Taxes extra. Matboard available up to 40x60 and larger **