Premium Wood Jersey Case

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Our Premium Wood Jersey Case is the ultimate keepsake display. It's made out of our highest quality materials in a bold, modern profile. Available in our most popular colours, black and brown. The case is made to accommodate a standard mat board which allows for different background colour of your choice. Standard size is 32" x 40" and is 2" deep. The deep profile is able to accomodate extra memorabilia, inlcuding, pins, photos, stickers, flags, pucks, etc. The case is large enough to fit most jerseys including basketball, hockey, baseball, football and others. Each case is hand-made by our expert craftsman and can be made to fit any size collectible. Jerseys are lined with a foamcore insert and pinned into place with a non-damaging, removable, nylon thread. This gives the jersey a solid overall shape but still lets the fabric hang naturaly giving it a relaxed appearance without it looking overly stiff and rigid.

  • Available in Black or Brown
  • Choice of Backboards to Match Team Colours
  • Wide 1 -1/2" Face
  • Deep 2" Profile
  • Custom-fit Foamcore Liner
  • Self-Aligning, Heavy-duty, Hanging System
  • Fits Jerseys From All Sports
  • 32" x 40" - Custom sizes available
  • Deep case allows for inclusion of addiotional memorabilia


 Available jersey framing add-ons include:
  • Engraved Nameplates
  • 97% UV Protective Conservation Glass
  • Plexi-glass or UV Plexi-glass
  • Suede matboard